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Removal and disposal of asbestos corrugated roof sheeting.

Paradigm Tas are the asbestos specialists in Tasmania, located in Kingston just 10 minutes south of Hobart. We provide prompt and efficient services across all areas of the state.

Our team is committed to working to the highest standard of Occupational Health & Safety in an industry that is recognised as having significant risks to all who are exposed.

Our team are trained and competent in all aspects of the asbestos industry. We have many years of experience within the asbestos industry that allows us to provide a safe, efficient service. We provide easy-to- understand, practical advice, and high-quality services to ensure that all our clients remain both safe and compliant.

Please get in touch with us and a member of our friendly team will talk you through all the options available for your particular situation.

Our Services

Paradigm are fully licenced and accredited by Worksafe Tasmania and hold all relevant insurance policies and safety management systems. Out team are trained and competent in all aspects of the asbestos industry. Please contact us for further information.

Inspections & Registers

It is current legislation that buildings built before 31st December 2003, other than private residences, should have an Asbestos Register. Their function is to indicate the presence, location and condition of any asbestos containing material. For private residences, we provide site inspection services and reports on the presence of the asbestos within the dwelling.


Do you have, or suspect you have, asbestos-containing material within your commercial or residential property? Paradigm Tas are accredited asbestos removalists and can arrange for the safe and efficient removal + disposal of asbestos-containing material to ensure that you, your employees and your family remain safe and minimise your risk of exposure.

Floor Stripping

Asbestos can be found in a wide range of products, including multiple types of flooring material. Vinyl asbestos tiles and vinyl sheet flooring have been around since the 1920’s, and can often be found in most older residential housing and commercial workshops. We can safely and efficiently strip old asbestos-based floors, making it safe to lay new flooring material.


Are you planning to demolish an existing commercial or residential structure? Doing so without a proper asbestos management plan can cause dangerous fibres to be emitted into the demolition site and beyond, creating a serious risk of exposure. Contact us to talk about our demolition services and start forming an effective asbestos demolition plan.

Fire Damage

Has your property been damaged or destroyed by fire? Asbestos-containing materials can still be harmful even after prolonged exposure to heat and flame, so it’s vital that the clean-up process is undertaken in a safe and careful manner. Paradigm Tas are able to clear fire damaged properties of asbestos material, making the rest of the site safe to access.

Contaminated Soil

Do you suspect that you may have soil contaminated with asbestos products? This can occur as a result of both illegal dumping and historical rubbish disposal. Contaminated soil can pose risks for anyone that may be exposed to it, and needs to be managed carefully. Paradigm Tas can arrange for the safe removal of any contaminated soil on your property.

Concrete Grinding

Paradigm Tas also offer concrete grinding services for both small and large commercial premises. Whether it’s a small workshop or an entire warehouse, our grinding process will ensure that you end up with a smooth, highly level concrete surface that’s suitable for all your needs, be it storage, manufacturing or forklift operations.

Roof Sealing

Is your roof leaking? In addition to our asbestos services, we also offer a range of roof-sealing services for a variety of roofing types. Every roof should be resealed after a period of time to ensure that it remains watertight and weatherproof. Contact us today to arrange an assessment of your roof and its suitability for re-sealing.

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